Love Poems for the End of time

Since the beginning of his musical career, drummer, composer, and poet Alex Louloudis has been combining the expressionist way of playing the drums along with the recitation of poetry.

photo by Sevinj Yusifova

“Having studied certain musical traditions I came to the understanding that spoken word and percussion playing are closely related” says Louloudis

Having that as his initial approach, and after years of experimentation in fusing music and poetry, Louloudis decided to open up space to include a larger variety of sound and expression methods.

photo by Sevinj Yusifova

Louloudis has teamed up with his friend from their New York years, contrabass player Apostolos Sideris who is bringing much of the compositional and melodic elements to the group.

“Apostolos is extremely lyrical. I feel he adds such unique elements to the music, elements that open doors towards a more realised, full artistic expression.”

“Şakir is world famous for his musicality. It is evident, to anyone playing with or listening to him, that his skill and maturity is one of a master musician.”

Percussionist extraordinaire Şakir Ozan Uygan closes this triangle of poetic and musical creation. The three birth sound, birth words, and poems for the end of time.