Rafael Leafar Press Kit

At the beginning of his thirties, Rafael Leafar is already finding himself at the center of the activity in both the Afro-American art music (jazz) as well as the techno music scene. His latest release, The Override Switch, comes as a collaboration project between himself and techno legend, fellow Detroit native Mr. Jeff Mills.

Rafael Leafar

But Leafar’s collaborations with legendary musicians do not stop there. For a series of years he has been a regular member of Reggie Workman’s group, and Robert Hurst’s group. Leafar is in Europe to perform with Underground Resistance, a group that practically changed the sound of electronic music for good. As of this occasion, Leafar will be bringing a trio compromised of long time collaborator and drummer Alex Louloudis and bassist extraordinaire Apostolos Sideris. The group is heavily mixing techno and jazz, two kinds of music that have become a single, fluently spoken language for Rafael, a young legend himself.