Solos by Alex Louloudis

Alex Louloudis is all over his drum set, and this specifically works so utterly well.’’
Photo by Panagiotis Peikidis

“My drums help me experience a kind of freedom that cannot be expressed in words, it can only be observed and felt.”

In his performances, drummer, composer, and poet Alex Louloudis is finding ways to expand the expressive abilities of drum solo playing.

“Playing solo helps me express myself in more accurate, direct ways. It also brings my instrument to the front, showcases its artistic abilities, presents its musicality, and enters it into the conversation of artistic performance and even performance art. “

Louloudis’ solos give a taste of performance art, but what is most important is the music and the poetry. Even though sparse inside the duration of a performance, poetry comes at the right time to express what is right for the specific moment or to simply have a human voice be heard.

“I chose to do love poems, only. Most people can relate to them and I simply adore them”  says Louloudis.

Photo by Yorgos Gryllis

”Despite his relative youth, Louloudis is already making bold artistic statements…He is at the threshold of a brilliant and promising career.”

All About Jazz

Since the release of his last album ‘Words’ Louloudis has been looking for ways to expand his creative palette. The solo drums performances are a result of this search, and they are here to stay.